Reference Documents

Mining info sheet - NSW Farmers document
Mining case studies - NSW Farmers document
Coal = Climate Change: No New Coal!
The Effect of Mining on NSW Farmers - NSW Farmers document
Mining and the Environment - NSW Parliamentary report
Consolidated list of CCAG concerns re slim-core drilling methods 
Overview of Mining Exploration Access  - NSW Farmers document
Developing Land Access Agreements - NSW Farmers document 
Template Land Access Agreement - NSW Farmers document 
LOCK THE GATE - STRATEGIC POSITION - Lock The Gate Alliance document
Submission on the NSW Coal & Gas Strategy - Environmental Defender's Office 
Strategic Campaign Plan 2011 - Lock the Gate Alliance document
Renewal of Authorisation held by Charbon Coal 
Exploration Licence No 7431 - Centennial Inglenook  
Exploration Licence No 7432 - Centennial Inglenook 
Exploration Licence No 7442 - Centennial Inglenook 

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