February 28, 2013


Here is an important message from the Better Planning Network. Your participation will help influence the outcome of the Draft Planning Legislation and secure your voice in local planning issues.

With the imminent release of the White Paper and the accompanying draft planning legislation, we have one last opportunity to influence the contents of these documents.

We know that before their release (some time in March), the White Paper and draft legislation will need to be discussed and endorsed by the NSW Cabinet (ie- all current NSW Ministers).

The White Paper and the draft legislation cannot be released until they have Cabinet endorsement.  We can influence this process and you have a powerful opportunity to do 2 things:

1/ Write/email/phone all NSW Cabinet members and make your views known as individuals and as local community groups; and
2/ If your state MP is a member of the Liberal party- write/email/phone them as well, and make your views known.

We must make our message clear to politicians!  To help with this process, we have attached a list of NSW Cabinet members, as well as some wording to guide your letters/phone calls.  If you have not got the time for a letter (and even if you do), you can also:

-          Email them some key bullet points
-          Phone them; or
-          Send a Votergram.  A Votergram is a 100 word message instantly delivered to all State MPs-  http://www.fairgo.org/campaigns.htm . 

Don’t under-estimate the power of writing/emailing/phoning as an individual.  Politicians can sometimes dismiss groups as ‘interest-based lobbies’ but they see all individuals as voters. 

To ensure maximum benefit and influence on the White Paper and draft legislation, we need to act ASAP and before 5 March at the latest.

It is much, much easier to influence outcomes before the White Paper is released  than afterwards, and it is therefore essential that we take up this opportunity.

Remember- we are together on this, and your letter, email or phone call will be one of hundreds, if not thousands. 

Feel free to contact us with questions.


Kind Regards

Corinne Fisher
Ph: 0421 831 889

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