January 31, 2013

"The health of residents must be paramount"

30 January 2013           


"The health of residents must be paramount"

The Blue Mtns Conservation Society has called for community leaders to place the health of Cullen Bullen residents at the top of their agenda regarding the Coalpac Consolidation Project. As the final stages of the application draw near, the company is compelling the region to put jobs before health.

"NSW Health has stated very clearly in its submission on this proposal that the health impacts for Cullen Bullen residents are serious. If this proposal were approved, the risk of mortality for residents would be increased," says Justin McKee, Blue Mountains Conservation Society.

"It is unfortunate to see the mining company rallying for support for a ‘jobs verses human health' argument. This choice of behavior by the Queensland based company is embarrassingly desperate. An increase in mortality is exactly that, and nobody of reasonable mind will support it."

"The majority of residents are seeking clean air, a peaceful environment and a safe place to send their children to school. These are not unreasonable demands. They should have the full support of their community leaders.

"Despite claims that it puts community first, Coalpac continues to ignore comments from NSW Health and the Planning and Assessment Commission that its project would negatively impact residents.

"If Coalpac is serious about its commitment to the community, it will withdraw its application and go underground and not place the health of residents at risk.

"During the public hearing, not a single resident turned out to speak in favour of Coalpac's proposal which is most likely because only 3% of them would directly benefit from it. The only official petition lodged with the NSW Parliament indicates that 125 Cullen Bullen residents oppose the Coalpac Consolidation Project and want to see the Ben Bullen State Forest protected.

"Protecting the Ben Bullen State Forest as a State Conservation Area would prevent residents ever having to go through this process again. Underground coal mining could still occur, and it would open up new job opportunities through recreational tourism. The local economy would benefit two-fold.

"The Blue Mountains Conservation is working closely with the Lithgow Environment Group, Cullen Bullen residents and our members in Bathurst, Mudgee and Lithgow to champion their key concerns and will continue to do so." says Justin McKee.

Media Contacts: Justin McKee 0404 824 020

NSW Health's submission on the Coalpac Consolidation Project can be found from this page:


Justin McKee
Blue Mountains Conservation Society
M: 0404 824 020

Posted for Guy Sim

January 8, 2013


Hi there and welcome to a whole new year of action for the Running Stream Water Users Association!

A scorcher of a day like today really reminds us how very important water is to all of our lives.

Let's keep up the good work to protect our water resource in 2013.

All the best from me and the RSWUA Committee!