November 8, 2012

Inglenook CCC Minutes

The RSWUA objects to the term 'Inglenook' being used by Centennial Coal in relation to our lands. The renaming of the Ilford/Running Stream/Clandulla area is a crude way of appropriating our country for foreign-owned commercial interests and we see it as an affront.

Nevertheless, that is the name which will appear on the coal company's reports referring to our heartland.

Here are the latest minutes from the Community Consultative Committee meeting for your information.

 Minutes of Inglenook Exploration Project Community Consultative Committee Meeting 
Date and time: Thursday 18/10/2012, 9:30am 
Location:InglenookProjectOffice,"SpringPark",RunningStream Present 
Margaret MacDonald-Hill (MMH) 
Sarah Jardine (SJ) 
Esme Martens (EM) 
Jolieske Lips (JL) Neva Lilley (NL) 
Mitchell Clapham 
Beau Preston (BP) John Sandona (JS) 
Greg Banning (GB) 
Pam Chadwick 

Welcome and Introduction 
The Chair opened the formal meeting at 9:30am and thanked all attendees for their participation and introduced Greg Banning, Regional Projects and Technical Support Manager. 
Declarations of Interest 
MMH noted her position as Independent Chair appointed by the Minister for Energy & Resources. She is also a Member of the Mine Subsidence Board & Minister’s Arbitration Panel. 
EM as owner of mineral rights in relation to the Inglenook EL, member of Charbon CCC. 
NL’s family as owners of mineral rights in relation to the Inglenook EL. 
The Chair introduced Greg Banning to the committee members as a new Centennial Coal representative of the committee due to organisational changes in Centennial Coal. 
Confirmation of previous minutes 
The minutes were confirmed as a true record by NL and seconded by MC. 
Business arising 
BP delivered a presentation on the Carbon Tax and made available hard copies of the presentation to those in attendance at the meeting. 
JS responded to NL’s previous enquiry about the disinfection of water bores. JS explained that the disinfection of water bores by the application of chlorine in a borehole is only a legal requirement for the cleaning of production bores for drinking water. Production bores for drinking water are not included in the Inglenook Exploration Project.The appplication of chlorine in a borehole on the project is by exception and as required to properly clean water monitoring boreholes of drilling additives that cannot be removed by conventional flushing techniques with water. Water monitoring borehole cleaning, including the application of chlorine, is implemented by the drilling crew under the constant supervision of the project hydrogeologist. During the cleaning process the hydrogeologist measures for balanced acidity/alkalinity, electrical conductivity and colour of the water flushing from the hole. The hydrogeologist determines the borehole is clean once the readings have stabilised and the water flushing from the hole is visually clear. Water monitoring equipment is then installed in the cleaned borehole. 

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